The Live Christ, Share Christ (LCSC) Movement.

It is intended for Catholics to meet Christ, live Christ and share Christ. It is designed for rapid and massive evangelization, accompanied by the systematic empowerment of laypeople to participate in the work.

LCSC reaches out to those among us whose "faith-life has been largely eroded and even lost due to the surrounding confusion, moral relativism, doubt, agnosticism; reaching out to those who have drifted from the Faith and the Church, and have joined other religious sects."

The Holy Roman Catholic Church has sounded the call to the New Evangelization1. This is an urgent call of the highest importance, given the dire urgency of the times. A tsunami of evil is overwhelming the whole world. The assault on faith, family and life is in full force. When the Lord Jesus returns, will he find faith on earth?

While things seem hopeless, and we seem helpless in stemming the onslaught, there is always hope. Where sin abounds, grace abounds even more. Jesus has already won the victory. As we hurtle to the end of time, we already know how it all ends.

In the meantime, the world and the Church suffer. In the meantime, souls will still be lost. We cannot just wait for the return of our victorious Lord, but we must engage, here and now, in the spiritual war that rages.

This is the call to the New Evangelization.

Throughout salvation history, God has called individuals, peoples and nations. The Almighty God has deemed it right to work with His creatures, to give them the privilege of being agents not only of their own salvation but also that of others. Oftentimes God calls and uses those who are the least and the last, even the lost. This is the mystery of election. God called Israel, the smallest of all nations (Dt 7:7), Jeremiah, who was too young and knew not how to speak (Jer 1:6), Gideon, who was the most insignificant in his family which was the meanest in Manasseh (Jgs 6:15), Saul, who persecuted Christians.

In doing so, God manifests that our effectiveness is entirely up to Him. We are mere instruments. We in fact often get in His way. God does His work in spite of us. But this is cause for great joy. We who are nothing can be something in God’s hands. We who are weak can be strong in the power of His Spirit.

Our part is to respond to God’s call, and then to give our all. The fruit is up to God.